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Home Improvement Helper is a home contractor referral service working to match homeowners with quality local contractors in a simple and "hassle free" way.

Home Improvement Helper is also pleased to be a home improvement consumer resource. We do not sell roofing products or materials. Rather we attempt to offer helpful information about the process of roofing repair and replacement to reduce the hassle for people like you.

If you need to contact us please feel free to do so at info@homeimprovementhelper.com. We are always eager to hear suggestions for new content that might better serve our visitors. However, please realize that due to time and liability concerns we are not always able to offer advice on specific improvement project concerns.

HomeImprovementHelper is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Home Improvement Helper's Start

Once upon a time it must have been different. Maybe back in the days of homesteads and growing your own food everyone just knew how to do their own home repairs. And if not you could count on friends and neighbors to help with a barn raising or a work bee.

Times have changed.

Home Improvement Helper was created out of the frustration of a well intentioned but easily distracted home owner. Tired of suffering from internal guilt and external chiding our founder decided their had to be a better way to find help with home improvement projects. From that moment of mental and emotional anguish the idea for Home Improvement Helper was born.

Perhaps you also find it difficult to keep your home in the condition you would like and know the same frustrations and guilt described above. If so we hope that you will find the information and advice you need here. Home improvement doesn't have to feel like your gambling with your home, time and money. And now that you've found us, it won't.

What People Say

“Not only did the contractor that you sent me show up on time for the estimate - he finished the project on time too! ”


— E.M. MN

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