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Air Conditioner(AC) Filters

Types of Air Conditioner Filters Available

Your air conditioner filter is a vital part of the AC system. The filter traps dust and other particles as they come into the system from air return. Trapping the particles serves two primary functions, keeping large particles from entering into the fan motor/housing and keeping the indoor air quality of the home as clean as possible. There are a number of common types of air filters available, below you will find them described:

Fiberglass Filters - These are one of the most common hvac system filters and probably the least efficient. This cheap, widely available filter traps as little as 12-18% of the particles in the air and don't impact contaminants such as smoke, pollen and similar pollutants. Plan on replacing a fiberglass filter every 4 weeks.

Air Conditioner Filters

Pleated Paper Filters - These paper filters are a good upgrade from the basic fiberglass filter stopping as much as 40% of in-air particles. The paper is pleated (similar to most car air filters) increasing the surface area which allows for a finer mesh pattern without reducing the amount of air flow. The finer mesh pattern ensures that smaller particles are trapped. Plan on replacing your pleated paper filter every 6- 24 weeks.

Electrostatic Filters - Able to be cleaned and reused the electrostatic filter creates an electrical charge which helps trap particles. More efficient than fiberglass filters they still may only remove 20-25% of the in-air particles These filters should be cleaned regularly to maintain their ability to trap particles and to keep the air flow from being reduced. Plan on cleaning your electrostatic filter 2-4 weeks depending up on the amount of dust and other particles in your home.

Electronic Air filters - Electronic air filters offer the best filtering typically available for a consumer hvac system. (HEPA filters are not usually used except in commercial buildings such as hospitals, schools, etc..) The filter can remove as much as 85% of the airborne particles but will require modifications to a systems wiring and ductwork.

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