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Information on Air Conditioner Reviews

Central Air Conditioners are difficult for consumer groups and appliance reviewers to objectively test. There are a number of reasons for this including the expense of installing and testing separate systems in a single test environment. Consider taking a look at sites like Epinions for consumer reviews of central air conditioners. While Epinions is more anecdotal you certainly want to have as much information as you can get before making a large purchase like this.

Portable Air Conditioners can be reviewed and tested much more objectively. There are a number of groups that test window/portable air conditioners. Consumer Reports one of the most well known and respected appliance reviewers favored the following ac units with the distinction of "Best Buy" in it's 2005 report. (reported by Fox Chicago)

Small A/C: 5,000-6,000 BTU

  • Frigidaire FAA067P7, $130
  • GE AGM06LH, $180
  • Mid-sized A/C: 7,000-8,200 BTU

    • Frigidaire FAA087P7, $160
    • GE AGM08LH, $240

    Large A/C: 9,800-12,500 BTU

    • Frigidaire FAC107P1A, $195
    • Sears Kenmore 74107, $300

    Air Conditioner Review Resources

    • Consumer Reports - You are required to subscribe to the website in order to get the best information but $26 for a year buys a lot of valuable information. In fact you will likely find that the subscription pays for itself in your first purchase or two.
    • Consumer Search - Review info gathered from multiple sources as well as some general consumer ac advice.
    • Dulley's Sensible Home - Engineer, environmentalist and columnist Jim Dulley offers some good advice to the consumer at a very good price - $3.00 per article.
    • American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy - Take a look at ac reviews with a special emphasis on energy efficiency.


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