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Guide to Buy an Air Conditioner (AC)

How to Buy an Air Condtioner Guide(AC)

While it might not bother you to run down to the local store and buying a soccer ball or new ice chest spur of the moment most people would prefer to research their options before making a larger purchase such as a new air conditioner.

1. Determine the type of Air Conditioner is best suited for your needs.

2. Determine the size of Air Conditioner that you will need for your room or home.

Types of Air Conditioners Available

  • Size for a Split or Central AC unit needs to be considered with great care. Too large or small will greatly affect either your physical and/or financial comfort level.
  • Size for a Portable AC unit should also be decided after considering a few important considerations.

3. Determine how high of an Air Conditioner Efficiency you want. Air conditioners are rated for energy efficiency with a SEER or EER number. (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) Typcially ranging from 8 to as high as 18 on highly efficient central ac units the higher the (S)EER rating the more energy efficient the model is and the lower your cost to operate it.

4. Read reviews on Air Conditioners to see which are highly rated. Checking consumer watchgroups and appliance reviewers may save you from making a mistake on a air conditioner that is too noisy or is not as good at cooling.

5. Don't forget some of the options you may have to consider.

Many Air Conditioners Now Offer a Remote Control

Installing Central AC
  • How many different fan settings are available? The more settings available the more likely you are to get just the right amount of airflow and perhaps save some energy in the process.
  • Does it have an air filter that helps reduce allergens? Your air conditioner is going to be circulating air though your room or house. Reducing allergens can improve your indoor air quality .
  • What is the warranty? The warranty length will vary considerably depending upon what type of ac unit you are purchasing. Make sure you have a minimum one year warranty for a portable air conditioner and expect a 5-10 year warranty on a central unit.
  • Does it come with a remote control? Believe it or not many people base their AC or thermostat purchase on this!

6. Installing your new Air Conditioner. Installing a window or portable ac unit shouldn't be too much trouble if you follow the directions but what about a central or split unit? This is likely best tackled by a professional. You can get up to three pre-screened competing air conditioning experts to evaluate your home by filling our our Air Conditioning Quote Form. It's quick, easy and best of all free!

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