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Portable Air Conditioners (AC)

Portable Air Conditioning (AC) Options

Portable Air Conditioning Offers flexibility and affordability.While central air is usually the preferred cooling option there are times when that is simply not an option. If you find yourself in that situation there are a number of portable air conditioning options available. Each has pros and cons associated with them.

  • Window Mount Air Conditioner- The most commonly used portable cooling option is the window mount air conditioner. Best used in apartments or when only a few rooms need to be cooled. Less efficient than split systems they have the bonus of allowing you to only cool a specific area when you choose too. Units are in-expensive, starting as low as $100.00, and can last for many years.

  • Portable (Room) Air Conditioner Vented - Like window mount units a portable air conditioner is a self contained unit but offers greater flexibility since they can be rolled easily from one room to another when the need arises. To maximize the cooling a hose is connected to the unit to vent the hot air generated outside through a window. Prices usually run from as low as $200.00 and go up to several hundred depending on the model.

  • Portable (Room) Air Conditioners Non-Vented- Similar to the vented portable air conditioners this type of portable air conditioner is not nearly as efficient as it vents the heat that has been taken from the air and blows it back into the room. Prices start at a few hundred dollars.

Be sure to consult with a professional before you purchase an air conditioner. Getting a free on-site evaluation of the cooling needs of your home may save you from making the wrong choice. You can get up to three pre-screened competing air conditioning experts to evaluate your home by contacting CoolingHeatingSmith. They will schedule the appointments for you at a time that fits your schedule and follow up to make certain you are getting the help you need.

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