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Frequent Questions on Flooring

Is there a "best" type of flooring?

No! Each flooring has advantages and disadvantages. Each flooring is best for a particular person in a specific situation.

Do I have to hire someone to install my new floor?

Absolutely not. If you feel confident in your knowledge and ability we salute you. However, you will presumably be living with your flooring for some time, make sure that saving money doesn't end up costing you your happiness.

Will having my carpet steam cleaned reduce it's life?

You don't have to worry about this at all. In fact people do not "deep clean" their carpets nearly enough. You should deep clean the carpet at least once a year and preferably twice. Deep cleaning brings the dirt up out of the carpet, restores the fibers to their original position AND makes the carpet more appealing to the eye! What could be better? Given that carpet cleaning is fairly in-expensive we encourage you to make it a scheduled event at your home.

Will flooring increase the value of my home more than any other home upgrade?

All situations vary so there is no way to give you a definitive answer. However, we would group siding and flooring as among the very top return on investment projects both visually and financially.

What is a sub-floor?

This is the the structural aspect of the floor. Essentially what your carpet, tile, and sheet vinyl rest upon. If you find your sub-floor is not level when you are re-doing a floor you will likely need to get that fixed as most flooring options require a flat surface.

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