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Electric Radiant Floor Heat Information

Electric and Radiant Heat

Electric radiant heating systems consist of a thin metal plate set in concrete, similar to an electric blanket, and it's safe. The metal heats the floor surface, which heats the air in your home.


  • Spot heating- Electrical radiant heating is good for a new house when you need to heat one particular spot or just one area, but not the entire house.
  • Remodeling- If remodeling, electric is generally better because it may only raise the floor 1/8’, whereas hydronic systems require raising the floor a couple of inches. An electric radiant heat system can be installed under your existing carpet, vinyl, tile, or wood flooring and doesn't change the surface of your floor at all except making it warmer, of course!
  • Warm-up time- Electric system heat up much faster (30 minutes to an hour) than do hydronic systems, so they are good for an area you want to heat only part of the day or on certain days. The system can even be put on a timer.
  • Maintenace- An electric system is easier to repair because it has no moving parts. If there is a problem, it's fairly easy to locate. There is no boiler to repair or water to change.


  • Very large houses- If the space you want to heat using a radiant heating system is very large and will be on most of the time, an electric system may actually be less efficient and not as visually appealing.
  • Fuel source- Whereas hydronic systems can be changed to use a different fuel source, electric systems are stuck using one option.


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