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Heating and Furnace Types

Types of Heating and Furnace

If you are curious what type of heating system would work best in your home you can get free in-home advice and an estimate by a qualified heating contractor. If you want you can even have (2) additional competing estimates arranged for you as well.

Below you will find the most common heating options briefly described.

  • Gas & Oil Furnace - Both gas and oil furnaces heat air as it is passed over a heat exchange unit. Air is drawn into the furnace, heated and then forced back into the home through ducts. Chances are your home has a gas or oil furnace as they are the most common heater type.
  • Heat Pumps - Heat pumps transfer the heat that exists within the air from one place to another. They offer both heating and cooling though in a less dramatic fashion than forced air heating and cooling options.
  • Electric Heaters - The most typical style of this type of heating is the baseboard heater. The unit warms air that come in contact with its heating element. That heat rises and cooler air is forced downward and comes back into contact with the heater element.
  • Radiant Heating - Radiant heating is a system that involves using cables or heated water in pipes and placing them in a non carpeted floor, walls and even your driveway. This form of heating is gaining popularity in recent years and is sometimes used as a supplemental heating option within homes.
  • Corn Furnaces - Increasing in popularity due to the fact that corn is a renewable energy source and offers real savings over natural gas, oil, and electricity. Corn furnaces are surprisingly safe, clean and easy to use.
  • Portable Heaters - Often using electric or kerosene to heat a small area or even a room. These are a great option if you only need to warm up a particular location rather than replacing your current heating system. If you use a portable heater make certain that it has safety features built in to reduce the chance of fire if it is knocked over.

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