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Waste is all too prevalent, and in this day and age it is becoming a huge problem. More than 4 pounds of trash is produced every day by just one person alone, and although its estimated that 75 percent of all the trash sent to the landfills can be recycled, only about 30 percent of that trash actually is. Fortunately there are plenty of simple ways to help contribute to solving the problem, and contribute to your savings by reducing, reusing, and recycling in and around the home.


You would be surprised by how many things can be reduced in your home. For example by eliminating junk mail you not only conserve space in your house, and in landfills, but you reduce the amount of trees used to create that junk mail in the first place.

Eliminating junk mail is not too difficult. It can be done over the phone, through the mail box, or in an email by contacting the Direct Marketing Association Mailing Preference Service, or the specific organization that sent you the junk mail, and politely request to have your name removed from their listings.


Almost anything that has completed its life expectancy for one task can be found useful again for another task. For example, computers are items that are continuously being upgraded, and what once was the latest model is now a piece of junk. However, the saying ’another man's trash, is another man's treasure’ holds true in this case because computers, and other electronics can be reused by donating to schools or other non-profit organizations, such as the National Cristina Foundation, which will take your old computer technology and give them to people with disabilities, students at risk, and people that are at a financial disadvantage.


Recycling is as simple as taking out the trash, except that its little more time consuming. First begin by sorting your recyclables by paper, plastic, metal, and green waste, and putting them into their separate bins. Remember that recyclable paper items includes newspapers, magazines, catalogs, phone books, junk mail, office paper, envelopes, gift wrapping paper, cardboard, food boxes, shoes boxes, paper towels, toilet paper tubes, paper carton eggs, and so forth. Plastic items that are recyclable will bear the Society of the Plastic Industry plastic resin codes. Metals that can be recycled include aluminum, steel, and copper.

Also, this of course is optional if the area in which you live doesn't collect green waste, and if you feel so inclined you can also create your own compost pile by sorting through your food, digging a ditch somewhere in your backyard, and dumping your excess food there.

Never underestimate the power reducing, reusing, and recycling, because by doing these three things you not only save yourself quite a bit of money, but you also contribute to preserving our environment. Its not difficult, and certainly is worthwhile, so hurry up, take action, and be apart of the solution.

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