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Countertops for Your Kitchen and Bath

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You do a lot of work in your kitchen and your counter top will be your ever handy assistant. You'll want to match the material you choose to the way in which you will use your counter top. Below are some of the most typical counter options:

Kitchen/bath countertops
  • Laminate materials - laminates are inexpensive, low maintenance and offer a wide variety of colors. Downsides are chips and scratches are difficult to repair and and seams will show where sheets are matched together.
  • Wood - countertops made of wood are very warm and attractive. They are easy to clean but can be stained and require more work to repair in the chance of scratches.
  • Granite and Marble - Beautiful and expensive. They hold up well to water and heat but require additional maintenance and can crack or scratch.
  • Tile - offers a wide range of colors and styles. Inexpensive, easy to clean and holds up well to heat and water. The tile can chip or crack and you may find that your grout gets stained over time.
  • Engineered Stone - easy to maintain and available in more colors than traditional stone. It's primary downside is simply how much it will cost you.

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