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Questions on Kitchen and Bath

Is there a rough estimate available for the price of a kitchen or bathroom remodel?

Prices vary dramatically depending on how much work you can do, how extensive the remodel is and even where you live. Basically speaking you will likely spend several thousand for either room to be remodeled and the kitchen particularly could go as high as $10-25,000.

I am wanting to redo my kitchen but I am on a budget do you have any advice to help me stretch my budget?

  • Do all the work you can like painting, pulling up the old floor, disassembly of cabinets etc...
  • Consider refacing your existing cabinets rather than replacing them.
  • Consider having the color of your existing appliances changed to fit your new colors rather than replacing them.

Why do people say that the kitchen and bath are the most important rooms in the house?

Because they get more consistent use than other rooms. The Kitchen especially is often used for preparing food, doing homework, chatting over coffee and more. It is the "nerve center" of most homes.

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