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If you are ready to proceed with a kitchen or bathroom floor you can find a licensed and insured contractor online.

Your floor takes a healthy amount of abuse on a regular basis. Most people are looking for a kitchen or bathroom floor that is easy to clean, durable, and will look good. Quick information on your flooring options:

Carpet - this material makes the least sense of any in your kitchen or bathroom. It's warm to the feet and quiet but the regular spills of water and other liquids make it a poor choice.

Vinyl - probably the most common of the kitchen and bath floors. Easy to clean and an almost endless amount of color and style options. Vinyl is inexpensive and built to stay that way but it can be dented or scraped and it will eventually stain if you leave spills on it.

Tile - lots of color and size options and it is very durable. Maintenance is low but tiles can crack and may need some sealing if not glazed.

Laminate - looks like real wood for significantly less. It is easy to maintain and you don't have to worry about stains. It will be more prone to chipping than real wood and seams may show.

Wood - Beautiful and available in a variety of looks. There will be some regular maintenance with waxing or sealing and you do need to be on guard against leaving water or other liquids on it for long.

Stone - is durable and has a rich look to it but has more concerns than many other options. It is often cold to walk on (a plus in a hot climate) needs periodic sealing and the stones can chip so you need to have "extras" on hand.

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