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Bathtub, Shower and Sink

Keep the Water Flowing


Choose carefully to make certain you are comfortable when you use your tub.

Clawfoot tub
  • Choose a tub that fits you well. A large person in a shallow tub is not going to enjoy their relaxing soak.
  • Would you like the option of soaking with another? You can purchase tubs designed for more than one.
  • Would you like yout tub to offer jets similar to what you would find in a hot tub?
  • Do you yearn for the elegance of a clawfoot tub or the functionality of a built-in wall model?


Showers have changed much beyond the simple single-spray showerhead in recent years.

  • Will you have a combination shower/tub or a stand alone model?
  • Do you want to share your shower with someone - multiple person sizes are available.
  • Would you like one showerhead or several? You can have two mounted right next to each other or on opposite sides of your shower.
  • Would you like a showerhead that adjusts for standing or sitting (or for a child).
  • What about multiple showerheads mounted at various heights that will spray your entire body at once?


What will you choose form, function or both?

Sink Types
Different sink types
  • Think through how you will use your sink and try to choose accordingly.
  • Materials available include steel, cast iron, stone, china, porcelain and more.
  • Available in one, two or three bowls depending on your need.
  • Colors and styles are numerous - slanting bowl, straight sidewalls, etc...


You can let your artistic side go wild.

Get creative when choosing your faucet
  • Faucets are available in almost any style you can imagine so choose one that suits your sense of style.
  • Would you like a single lever or two handles to control the temperature and water flow?
  • Do you need a pullout sprayer?
  • Check for a quality feel to the faucet. Cheap parts will break down more quickly and not have a good "feel" as you use the faucet on a regular basis.
  • Make certain that when you purchase your faucet it comes with all of the necessary parts or that you are aware of what parts you need to get.
  • Think through maintenance as well - water spots and fingerprints adhere better to some materials.

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