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"I will not be looking through the phone book at contractor ads ever again and I'm telling all my friends and family to use this service. "

- K.M. TX

"All the contractors you connected me with for my project were professional and on time. I will definetely use you in the future."

- M.P. OR

"Not only did the contractor that you sent me show up on time for the estimate - he finished the project on time too!

- E.M. MN

"Your service is an incredibly easy to use resource for the homeowner, thanks again.

- J.G. CO

"We had recently moved to this area and didn't have the "built in network" of friends and family to suggest a good contractor. Knowing you pre-screen the contractors you work with took a lot of pressure off the entire hiring process."

- M.R. WA

"I have used the "Helper" services for several home improvement projects and it has made things so much easier."

- S.R. MI

"Your service made finding a local contractor positively painless, thanks."

- N.H. CA

"I had already contacted three contractors only to have them cancel my appointments or just not show up. Then I tried your service and each contractor you referred was on time AND the one I hired did a great job."

- C.P. OH

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What People Say

“Your service made finding a local contractor positively painless, thanks. ”


— N.H. CA

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