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Cabinet Materials - Wood Veneer

Wood Veneer Cabinet Specifics

Wood Veneer Cabinet

Wood veneer faced cabinet doors are a cheaper alternative to having solid wood cabinet doors. A veneer is a thin layer of wood glued to a substrate, which is usually medium density board, particleboard, or plywood. The glue used for attaching the veneer to the substrate is quite strong, and improves the overall strength of the product. Veneer is also very good in rooms that fluctuate in humidity and climate which is common of both kitchens and bathrooms.

Veneers are a nice way to bring the beauty of solid wood cabinet to engineered woods that are not as expensive. Veneer grains are more uniform and consistent than that of solid woods though veneer cabinet faces can be matched to appear inconsistent if desired. Wood veneer can be treated with stain just like solid wood but if the veneer is only used on the face of the door be sure that the rest of the cabinet is made of the same or similar wood species as all woods take stain differently.

Veneers are environmentally friendly choices as well. Wood that is sawed into boards lose a lot of the wood to sawdust. Veneer is sliced very thinly rather than cut so not as much wood is wasted.

Veneer is made two ways, by rotary cutting machines and flat cutting machines. Veneer that comes from the flat cutting machine will slice up and put together the panels in order. This makes it easier for manufacturers to sell them in matched panels, creating the more uniform look they are known for.

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