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Environmental Painting - Green Paint

Did you know that almost $2 billion is spent on the production of paint every year, and almost 60 million gallons of that paint becomes left over in the United States alone? Become apart of the movement and help save the environment by butting back your paint purchases.

Spend your hard earned cash on paint that pays for itself, like recycled paint. Recycled paint can cost half the price of new paint, and you help the environment by reusing.

However if you can't obtain recycled paint then choose latex paints over oil-based paints. Latex paints are better because they have lower volatile organic compound emissions. Latex contains a plastic resin made of acrylics or polyvinyl. It dries really fast, and works well on anything, but high-gloss finishes. It also does not work well on steel or raw wood because of its high water content causes steel to rust and raises grain on raw wood.

Zero VOC Paint by IVY Coatings

Paints with low VOC are more expensive than regular paint, and some brands that are low VOC may not be as durable. A few name brands that have been hailed as satisfactory or better can be found at your local Lowe's hardware store of Home Depot.

Even better than purchasing low VOC brands, go all out and buy paint that is VOC free. Paints that are VOC free of course are labeled that they are such, and may contain natural ingredients, such as milk or water.

Why should you care about VOCs?

Volatile organic compound is what VOC stands for. VOCs are the main componets in air pollution. They are detrimental to one's health, and while much of the outside air is contaminated by VOCs, it is inside the home that there are the most volatile organic compounds. VOCs in your house come from cleaning products, as well as the paint you put on and inside your house. By buying and utilizing paint that is VOC free you can protect you and your family from having to suffer from sinus irritation, nausea, headaches, liver damage, brain damage, kidney failure, or cancer. The use of low-VOC paint or VOC free paint is also good for the environment because it can reduce contaminates in landfills, groundwater, and the ozone. Besides that the paint is also easy to clean up (just soap and water) and it doesn't smell.

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