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Understanding Types of Paint

When you buy paint does it seem like you get asked a barrage of questions when you thought you were just supposed to pick a color? Take a look below at our paint option breakdown. If you are still unsure what would work best for your house you may wish to get the opinion (and estimate) of a professional. You might want to fill out our short project form for a low stress way to find a local pre-screened painting contractor.

Types of Paint Available

  • Primer - not using a primer can have some serious consequences. Not only does primer help hide the former color it also acts as a bonding agent for your paint. Many paints will not bond as well as you want without the use of a primer.
  • Enamels - used for interior painting. Used in high traffic areas since it lasts longer than latex when it is cleaned.
  • Latex - used in both interior and exterior painting. It is very popular because of it's typically lower cost (compared to oil/alkyd paints) and it cleans up with just soap and water. Latex dries more quickly than oil and does not require thinners or solvents making it more enviornmentally friendly.
  • Oil/Alkyd - used in exterior applications. Oil paints actually flow from a brush or roller more smoothly which has an advantage of looking better when dry. It is a harder material and holds to the surface better however it requires thinners and solvents to clean up making the application more troublesome.
  • Finishes - there are four pirmary levels of finish.
    • Flat - helps hide inconsistencies in the surface and thus is used more commonly on ceilings or walls that have imperfections. Best used in areas that are not high traffic.
    • Satin or Eggshell - offers a more durable finish than Flat but without the hight reflective nature of a true gloss paing.
    • Semi Gloss - more durable still than Satin and used in areas that tend to need more cleaning such as a kitchen, bathroom, or any room that children frequent.
    • Gloss - the most durable of your paint finish options but with the disadvantage of making any flaws in the surface that much more noticeable. Primary use in areas of high traffic that are without imperfections

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