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Painting Materials

What materials are best for painting? Check out our list below to keep from missing something.

Options for Painting Materials :

  • Brushes - tend to offer a higher level of coverage per application but show any inconsistency that your "stroke" has. Most often used for trim and detail areas.
  • Rollers - for large surface areas rollers are a good choice. They give a good coverage per coat and move much more quickly than brush painting.
  • Sprayer - a favorite for large surface areas. Spraying may require more coats to cover a particular area and if you are inexperienced with a sprayer you may have trouble with drips. Keep your brush handy for cleaning up drips and for doing the detail work.
  • Other items.
    • Drop Cloths - protect your floor, furniture, etc...You can choose from actual cloth to very inexpensive plastic options.
    • Masking Tape - preferably the blue "easy remove" version. Use this to help "mask off" detail painting and to secure your drop cloth.
    • Step Ladder - be careful where you set this and make sure it is secure but there is no question it will come in handy.
    • Roller Extension Handles - available in adjustable and non-adjustable length these will save your muscles (at least a little) from being so sore the next day.
    • Personal Items - eye protection, gloves, and a mask are all items that can make your painting project less troublesome on the physical side of life.

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