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Frequent Painting Quote Questions

How do your painting quotes work?

It really is easy, check out our brief description on the how quotes work page.

How many bids should I get for my project?

That certainly depends upon the size of your project. If you are simply needing to have a small shed painted 1-2 estimates is likely all you need. Getting three estimates for such a small project is likely not time/cost effective. However, we typically encourage three contractor estimates for larger jobs such as re-painting your home, mulitple window installs or having a roof replaced.

Will I pay a higher price for my project having used Painting Helper?

No. Our contractors don't charge for their estimates and don't tack on extra charges either. You get connected to quality contractors with less hassle for free.

So, how can Painting Helper offer this service?

Contractors pay Painting Helper a small monthly fee to be a part of our service allowing them to receive prospective project information. For the contractor, it's just another form of advertising. In fact, many of our contractors tell us it's the most cost effective advertising they have found.

How do you screen your contractor members?

Before an contractor is allowed to become a member they are pre-checked for licensing, insurance, and past experience. It's our way of trying to assure that each and every customer gets connected to qualified and professional contractors every time.

How are contractors chosen for my job?

When a project comes in we match contractors to the project based on proximity, specialized services, ability to complete the project in a relatively quick time frame.

Will I be swamped by contractors calling me about my project?

No, the number of contractors that are put in touch with you is limited to 3-4 for a large project. This should assure you a good sample of estimates without becoming a burden on your time.

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I had already contacted three contractors only to have them cancel my appointments or just not show up. Then I tried your service and each contractor you referred was on time AND the one I hired did a great job.



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