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Green Painting - Recycled Paint

How would you like your recycled paint? Reblended or reprocessed?

Reblended paints (consolidated paints) are old paints that have been blended again and have been blended with few new materials such as colorants and resins, which explain why reblended paints only come in a certain number of neutral colors. Also reblended paints should only be used inside the home. Where as reprocessed paints are old paints tat are blended with new materials such as colorants and resins. Reprocessed paint comes in a variety of colors, and works great on the exterior and the interior of a house. Reblended paints contain at least 80 percent postconsumer paint, and reprocessed paints contain at least 20 percent postconsumer paint.

Where do you get recycled paint?

Thus far the best advice for looking for recycled paint is to either search for nearby paint dealers that sell recycled paint online, or to go to the phone book and call area paint dealers to see if they have any recycled paint.

Where do you go to have your old paint turned into recycled paint?

If you want to turn your old paint into recycled paint it's best to go online and check earth911.com or to try and contact your local recycling center or waste management program.

What types of paint are turned into recycled paint?

Paints that are reused are usually latex paints, and all other paints that are not oil-based. While oil-based paints cannot be made into reusable paints, they are still accepted at recycling centers and are instead made into fuel additives used at power plants. Paints that have mercury in it (usually paints produced before 1991) will not be accepted at recycling centers.

What is the life expectancy of recycled paint?

The life expectancy of regular paint is roughly around 15-20 years. Recycled paint should have the same life expectancy as normal paint. But, check to make sure that the recycled paint that you purchase has the GS-43 seal, which indicates that that paint fits the national standard for recycled-content latex paint set by PSI and Green Seal Inc.

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