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Roof Repair - Broken/Split, Cupped or Buckled Asphalt Shingle Tips

Broken/Split Shingles

This Roof has Missing Shinlges

Broken, split or curling shingles can be repaired with a little roofing cement. Simply use the cement to glue' the damaged area into place. Carefully stabilize and flatten the shingle with a heavy board until it has dried.

Cupped or Buckled Shingles

Moisture is trapped under the shingles causing them to buckle and rise in the middle. The raised area makes these shingles more vulnerable to moisture and wind. If the cupped shingles are in a few isolated locations, you may choose to repair or replace the damaged shingles, rather than to replace the entire roof. Consult a professional to determine if simply replacing a few shingles is appropriate for your roof.

To repair the problem shingles, clean out the underside of the buckled area, and fill with roofing cement. Press down and stabilize with a heavy board until the cement has dried.

If you decide to replace the cupped shingles, first, remove the old shingles using a crow bar or hammer to pry the nails up. Cut (with a utility knife) away roofing cement and remove excess debris to prepare the area to be re-shingled. Click here to find details on replacing shingles.

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