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Roof Flashing

Vent Pipe and Valley Flashing

While flashing is available in a number of different materials the most commonly used is galvanized metal. Flashing is used for protection against leaks in vulnerable areas of the roof and/or where there is heavy water runoff. One way to think of flashing is like a kind of metal molding around chimneys, dormers, vents, skylights, and in valleys those areas where leaks are most likely.

The most common types of flashing are:

  • Vent pipe flashing used to protect the area around a vent it typically has a flange at the bottom which is incorporated into the shingles as they are installed.
  • Valley flashing protects the valleys of a roof. Flashing is installed on top of the felt paper and then the roofing material is installed over top.
  • Z flashing used for flashing the area where a roof or deck meets a wall.
  • Step flashing creates a step like appearance on the side of a chimney or dormer. This is created by individual strips of flashing being added with each layer of shingles.
  • Lead flashing used with tile roofs the lead is formed to the shape of the tile.

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