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Roof Repair - Loose and Missing Asphalt Shingle Tips

Loose Shingles

This Roof has Missing Shinlges

Reattach shingles with nails and/or roofing cement. With a damp rag, clean the underside of the shingle and the top of the felt to make sure the cement can bond well with both surfaces. When the surfaces are dry, apply a thick layer of roofing cement and press the shingle flat. Stabilize the shingle until it is dry. If needed, nail the top of the shingle into place by lifting the overlap from the shingle layer above and nail under the overlapped area.

Missing Shingles

Protect large, unprotected areas of the roof with plywood or tarps held in place with wood strips and nails until you can replace the missing roof covering. Eventually (and sooner is better) you will need to replace the missing shingles.

  • First, remove any damaged shingles or pieces of shingles from the area.
  • Then, pull any nails, staples or fasteners to leave a clean, flat surface for the new shingles.
  • Next, trim the new shingles to fit into the exposed area. Start installing the lowest row of shingles first and move up. Nail each strip above the tab slots with 7/8’ or 1’ roofing nails.
  • When you get to the top strip, apply a line of roofing cement at the top of the tab on the underside (well above the sealing strip). Insert this final shingle strip and carefully nail it in place under the overlap of the shingles above.

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