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Re-roofing: installing a new roof or a layover roof?

When it’s time to replace your roof, one of the first decisions you will need to make is whether or not you want to install the new roof over your existing roof, or if you want to tear off the old roof first. Click here to find out if layover roofing is an option for you: Can I Install a New Roof Over My Old Roof?

There are advantages to both approaches, and whether or not you choose to tear off your old asphalt shingles will depend on your situation.

Advantages of roofing over the top of the old roof, and installing a second asphalt shingle layer:

  • Time is saved, because you can start the layover roof without removing the old roof.
  • Money is saved because you can avoid hauling away and disposing of the old roof materials.
  • A large mess is avoided, particularly in the landscaped areas next to the house where old shingles would fall.

Advantages of tearing off the old roof and installing a single roof:

  • New shingles lay flatter when installed on the sheathing, rather than over old shingles.
  • A new, single roof will last longer than a layover roof (up to 20% longer).
  • Tearing off the old roof provides a chance to inspect the condition of the sheathing and make repairs as needed.

Click here to learn How to Tear-off an Old Roof.

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