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Questions to ask a Roofing Contractor Reference

Roofing Contractor Reference Questions

Do you find yourself thinking, "I wouldn't even know what to ask a service reference"? If so you may want to consider letting us help schedule your estimate since our contractors have been pre-checked for you and it's free! If not, take a look at these questions that will help you get a more complete picture of the contractor you are considering:

  • Was your roofing contractor easy to work with?
  • Did the roofer keep you updated on the status of your project?
  • How long ago was the roof completed, and have you had any problems since then?
  • Were you satisfied with the workmanship, and did you get a written guarantee for your roof?
  • Was the contractor's crew consistently on time for work?
  • Was trash from the roof taken care of properly and with no delay?
  • Were there any complaints from your neighbors during the course of the project?
  • Did the project progress as planned? If no, were the complications and/or delays clearly explained and reasonable?
  • Would you use this roofing contractor again?

As you get nearer to hiring a contractor take a look at what to expect during a roof project so you are prepared for what's coming up.

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