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Can I Add a Ridge Vent to my Roof if I Have Gable Vents?

by Roofing Admin on 11/25/2008

I have a qestion regarding roof vents. If your house has gable vents is it okay to also have a ridge vent installed?

You will certainly get much better venting with a continuous ridge vent in addition to the gable roof vents that you now have. The critical issue is to make certain that you have proper soffit venting so that you have good airflow coming in from the eaves of the house and pushing air out through the ridge. Having both the soffit and ridge vent is similar to opening two windows on opposite sides of a room to create a breeze. If you only open one window (or have a ridge vent without soffit venting as well) your airflow will be signifcantly less.

Today’s question was answered by Dan Elsom, Founder and President of Elsom Roofing, INC . Elsom Roofing is located in Walla Walla, Washington and services the Walla Walla Valley.

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