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Increase of Roofing Scams Reported

by Roofing Admin on 4/2/2009

With the recent spats of bad weather over the past month or so there has been a marked increase in the number of complaints filed to law enforcement and the Better Business Bureau from all over the United States concerning roofing scams, most notably in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Georgia.

Scam artists also known as “storm chasers,” or “travelers,” will usually pop up anywhere there is an elderly community that has been ravaged by a storm. The Contractors State License Board (CSLB), a California state agency interviewed in “Recession Highlights Home Repair Scams” describes common sham setup:

“…the traveler knocks on a homeowners’ door, claims to have roofing material left over from a job just completed in the neighborhood, and offers to repair or seal the roof or driveway at a reduced price. The con artist will then use a useless, watery substance on the roof or driveway, collect a cash payment, and then move on without revealing their phone number or address.”

The best way to prevent emotional and fiscal damage caused by these fraudulent contractors is to do your own investigative work. Take a look at the tips on how to avoid roofing scams and storm chasers.

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