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Fort Kent Man Invents a New Roof Rake

by Roofing Admin on 12/20/2004

Fort Kent man invents new roof rake

A new tool invented by a Fort Kent man removes not only the snow from Maine roofs, but the aches and pains of doing it as well as the possibility of falling off the roof. Removing snow from roofs has been a precarious chore for ages, but Roland Charette’s new roof rake now makes it just short of enjoyable. Instead of shoveling or using a snow scoop to push snow from the roof to the eaves or pulling and tugging at a conventional roof rake until arms ache from the strain, pushing Charette’s rake up the roof breaks up the snow, allowing it to slide off in large chunks. That is especially nice in northern Maine, where homes now have up to two feet of snow on the shingles.

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