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Roofing Terms Defined

Roofing terms defined T - Z

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Tab: The exposed portion of strip shingles defined by cutouts.

Tar paper: See "Felt"

Tear off: Removing an existing roof system.

Telegraphing: A shingle distortion that may arise when a new roof is applied over an uneven surface.

Three-dimensional shingles: See laminated shingles.

Three-tab shingle: The most popular type of asphalt shingle usually 12" x 36" in size with three tabs.

Top lap: That portion of the roofing covered by the succeeding course after installation.

UL: Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

UL label: Label displayed on packaging to indicate the level of fire and/or wind resistance of asphalt roofing.

Underlayment: A layer of asphalt saturated (sometimes referred to as tar paper) which is laid down on a bare deck before shingles are installed to provide additional protection for the deck.

Valley: The internal angle formed by the intersection of two sloping roof planes to provide water runoff.

Vent: Any outlet for air that protrudes through the roof deck such as a pipe or stack. Any device installed on the roof, gable or soffit for the purpose of ventilating the underside of the roof deck.

Vent sleeve: See collar.

Woven Valley: Method of valley construction in which shingles from both sides of the valley extend across the valley and are woven together by overlapping alternate courses as they are applied. The valley flashing is not exposed.

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