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Roof Vents

Roof Vents for Attic Ventilation

Roof vents are usually evenly spaced across one side of the roof. They are installed near the top of the ridge so that as hot air rises in the attic it can escape out of the roof vents. As with most types of vents it is important to have adequate soffit venting for the roof vents to work effectively. Roof vents come in two major types:

Static Roof Vents (Louvers)

Static roof vents act as covered openings to allow air to escape from the attic. Usually several static roof vents are required to adequately ventilate the attic. They should be evenly spaced across the roof and installed near the top of the roof where heated air will rise. Static vents do not require electricity to work and thus are less expensive to operate. They are available in either metal or plastic and a variety of colors allowing you to choose what will work best with your roof.


Power Roof Vents

The power roof vent are also covered to keep the elements from entering the opening in your roof. A power fan (electric or solar power) under the covering pulls air out from the attic. The power fan is usually connected to a thermostat which dictates when the fan runs. This thermostat is set to a temperature of the installers choice and can be re-set to a different temperature at a later time. Often one power roof vent can do the same ventilation work of multiple static roof vents.

Roof vents can work well with most roof types or designs but are ideal for hip roofs which may not have a long ridge for installing a ridge cap vent.

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