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Soffit Information

Soffit and Related Components

Soffit Without Vents Installed

Continuous Soffit Vents installed

On many hip and gable roofs the eaves are left open past the walls of the house down to the roof's edge. A soffit on the other hand is the horizontal area under the roof overhang when it has been closed off for a more finished appearance.

One of the most highly recommended attic ventilation types is the soffit vent. Vents are installed along the length of the soffit allowing cool air to enter the at the bottom of the attic space and rise to a ridge vent or gable vent at the top of the attic as it heats up. In new construction a continuous line of vents is installed along the entire length of the soffit. To save on the amount of time and money needed to retrofit an existing soffit several vents are spaced out along the length of the soffit instead.

Soffit can also be used to describe different construction components as well such as the underside of an arch, stairs, etc...

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