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Shingle Roof Starter Strip

A starter strip is typically a row of shingle material that is applied on top of the underlayment and drip edge but underneath the primary shingle layer. The starter strip may be specially designed for the purpose or simply a row of the shingles that have had the ’tabs’ at the bottom trimmed away.

The starter strip has two main purposes. One, it protects the shingles from wind at the bottom of the roof by being adhered to the edge of the eaves. (Without the layer being adhered at the edge a strong gust of wind could push the first layer of shingles back up the roof potentially pulling other layers with it.) Second, it fills in the spaces left by the tabs of most shingles so that there is always one or more layers covering the sheathing.

An ice and water membrane may be used as the starter strip in locations where ice dams are prevalent. Rolled roofing can also be used as a starter strip.

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