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Where to Look for a Roofing Contractor

Looking for Roofing Contractor

There are ways to avoid a bad experience when it comes to having home improvement work done. Take a moment to look at common places to look for help with your roof project.

Roofing Contractor Referreral Services

RoofHelper is a contractor service which makes it easier for you the consumer to find a quality local contractor for your project. Similar to Progressive Auto Insurance RoofHelper arranges an on-site roofing estimate for you and competing estimates that you can compare it to! Of course all of the contractors are pre-screened giving you an additional safety net when it comes to choosing a contractor. (You should always go through a process of checking the contractor yourself no matter who recommends them.)


Your chance of hiring a reliable roofing contractor go up significantly if you get a recommendation from someone you trust . Check with family, neighbors and co-workers if they would suggest a contractor that worked on their home.

Yellow Pages

This is one of the most common and least reliable of your options. A good advertisement is not an indication of a good contractor.

Arm Yourself with Knowledge

Regardless how you decide to proceed, arm yourself with a list of the important questions to ask the contractor when you interview him. Knowledge of the roofing products available for your type of roof, and an understanding of the standard costs of roofing labor in your area, etc will allow you to miss many of the potholes waiting for you on the road to your completed project. Ready to start? Take a look at what to ask a roofing contractor.

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