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Frequent Siding Questions

Frequently Asked Siding Questions

Why is siding important?

Siding is the outside protection for you home much like a coat is for your body. It helps insulate the house, protects it from moisture, insects, etc... and can even add a dramatic fashion statement to your home.

I need help deciding between installing vinyl siding which I won't have to repaint later on or re-painting my existing home siding?

Vinyl is a material with a number of good qualities but not needing to re-paint is a commonly heard reason for choosing it. Here are a couple of thoughts:

  • Re-painting will be cheaper in the short term and most people don't live in a house for more than 5-10 years on average anyway.
  • If you have wood siding it may do a better job of insulating your home than vinyl will do.
  • Many people like the ability to change the color of their home for a different look or feel to the home. With vinyl you will not have that option without losing a significant investment.

Are siding and installation prices fairly standard? Do I need to get more than one estimate?

You need more than one estimate whenever you are having work done on your home. Unfortunately there are people out in the world that look to take advantage of others. Make sure any contractor you talk to realizes that you are getting more than one estimate. Always be wary of an estimate that seems to good to be true as well! If you don't have a trusted contractor consider using our Siding Quote which will schedule you with pre-screened contractors from your local area. There's no obligation and it's a free service!

Is there a definite "best" siding product out there?

No. There are a large number of very good products out there each with their own unique blend of positives and negatives. Do your homework and ask for advice from the experts - the siding installers you will get estimates from. They may be able to offer unique insights into your home, climate, or local region that may help the decision process.

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