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Estimated Siding Material Costs

There are a number of different ways to figure the cost of siding materials. You can look at the cost the life of the siding, the initial investment in the siding and it's eventual maintenance cost, or in comparison to the imact a particular material has on the re-sale value of your home. Each perspective has merit and is important to consider when you are choosing siding for your project. However, below you will find a rough comparison of siding material costs including the labor*.

Most Common House Siding Material Prices

Vinyl Siding - $2-3 per sq foot

Fiber Cement Siding - $3-4 per sq foot

Aluminum Siding - $3-5 per sq foot

Wood Siding (clear cedar) - $3.5 - 6.5 per sq foot

  • Paint grade wood siding can run $1-2 less per sq foot

Stucco - $4-9 per sq foot

  • Sand and cement stucco is at the lower end of the scale with latex stucco at the higher end.

Brick - $6-12 per sq foot

  • Replacing brick is more costly, look for $18 per sq foot and more.

Stone - $12 - $30 per sq foot

  • Man made stone is less expensive often running $11-15 per sq foot
  • Natural stone is more expensive at $15-30 per sq foot

There are a number of things that could increase or decrease the amount your siding will cost you. Among them:

  • If you need to remove previous siding
  • If there is any water damage beyond the siding layer
  • If the home needs to be "damp proofed"

* The prices shown above are simply rough estimates and should not be used to plan a budget. In order to know what your costs will be click on the "Get Estimates Now " link at the top of the page.

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