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House Siding Styles

Exterior house siding is available in a wide variety of styles, materials and colors making it possible to create a very specific look and feel to your home. While the variations of siding seem almost endless most siding can be broken down into one of 4 specific styles.

Most Common House Siding Styles

Horizontal Siding

Horizontal Siding
Vertical Siding

Vertical Siding
Siding Sheets

Siding Sheets
Shingle Siding

Shingle Siding

Horizontal Siding - One of the most common and popular siding styles horizontal siding uses individual boards (or the appearance of such) which typically overlap each other to protect against wind and rain infiltrating joints in the siding. Horizontal siding is attached to the home by nailing through the sheathing and directly into the studs of the house frame.

Vertical Siding - Vertical siding is usually nailed to strips of wood which are attached across the wall studs of the home. This siding may require installing wooden strips over the joints (board and batten) or chalking the joints to ensure there is no leaking.

Siding Sheets - Siding sheets are available in several materials but are most commonly plywood (t1-11) or metal used on in-expensive buildings as it is typically the least expensive option available. This siding is also nailed directly to the wall studs of the home.

Siding Shingles - Siding shingles are fixed to either the house sheathing or to wooden strips which cross the wall studs of the home. Siding shingles are installed overlapping each other and offsetting different layers. Particular attention must be paid to the installation on outside corners to eliminate water infiltration where one row meets another.

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