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Home Improvement Helper will add to the depth and number of it's network of sites on an ongoing basis. We encourage you to check back often as we grow!

AirConditioningHelper.com - Learn about air conditioning types, size, ratings and what you must know before you make a decision to upgrade or replace your cooling unit.

FlooringHelper.com - What are your flooring material options ? Flooring materials explained and discussed. Pros and cons of different products provided to assist the consumer in making the right decision for their home.

FurnaceHelper.com - Should you repair or replace your heating unit ? Heater and Filter types as well as information about how to get the most out of your existing system with a "tune up".

Green Home Improvement Helper - Learn how to make your life and home more green and sustainable.

KitchenBathHelper.com - Help and advice for the busiest rooms in you home. Upgrading your Kitchen and Bathroom is a common project but what goes into it? Information on kitchen and bath cabinets, appliances, countertops and more.

PaintingHelper.com - Preparing for a paint project, pick the right paint type and materials and get helpful tips from those who have already learned from their painting mistakes.

RoofHelper.com - Roofing project guide with information on roofing products and materials , help hiring roof contractors, what to expect during your project and more.

SidingHelper.com - Protect the outside of your house right with information on vinyl siding, aluminum siding ,and many others. Siding is your homes defense against the elements. Make sure you choose the right material for you.

WindowHelper.com - Is it time to install new or replacement windows ? Learn about the major advances in window technology over the past few years before you do.

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