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Window Types - Awning and Hopper Type Windows

Awning Type Window
Awning Window
Hopper Window
Hopper Window

Awning Window Details:

Awning windows are hinged at the top of the window, and swing open from the bottom outward (think of a casement window mounted with the hinge on top). Awning windows may use a crank or other mechanisms to keep the sash open securely. These mechanisms are especially necessary during high wind weather, where wind might normally slam the window shut.

Due to the window opening from the bottom and out, these windows offer great ventilation without letting outside debris or other elements inside your home. During light rain you can have your awning window open for air circulation without exposing the inside of your home. Also, awning windows close tight and secure, making them an energy efficient window choice. They can also be placed high on walls to provide good lighting for a room.

Awning windows are often seen below fixed windows to pull in cool air, or above large patio doors. They can be arranged in rows or columns of windows, and are used as basement windows as well.

Hopper Window Details:

Hopper windows offer some of the same benefits that awning windows do. A hopper window is hinged at the bottom of the window rather than at the top, and open inward rather than outward. So with that, hoppers do not offer the same protection against rain as awnings do while open. Hoppers do offer the same benefit of a very good seal when closed, however due to the compression seal when the sash presses up against the frame. Hoppers are most commonly seen in basements in part because they offer good ventilation and allow the maximum amount of light into a room since there is only one sash.

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