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Window Types - Double and Single Hung Windows

Double Hung Type Window
Double & single hung windows look the same. The difference is in whether both panes are able to move or only one.
Double or SIngle Hung Type Window
Modern Double Hung Window

Double & Single Hung Details:

Double hung and single hung windows are generally the most common types of windows used. Within their frame, the window sashes slide up and down. A double hung window has the ability for both top and bottom sashes to open and close verses just one sash being able to in a single hung window. Double hung windows not only allow for the the top sash to either be slide down but to open inward, or open outward, while the top sash on a single hung window is fixed or immovable.

On both double and single hung windows the sashes are able to be partially opened, and stay in place by the use of springs in the sash, or compression weatherstripping. Some double hung windows have a design that allow for tilting sashes, making cleaning very easy, particularly for upper level windows that are hard to reach from the outside. Double hung windows, because of their simplicity, allow for a wide range of designs for trim, grill bars, and finish materials.

A disadvantage of double hung windows is they are not as air tight as other window types such as casement or fixed windows. However, modern windows in general are much more air tight than their predecessors so it need not be a major concern for the average home owner.

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