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Tips on Window Replacement Estimates

Whenever you have a significant home improvement project you need to protect yourelf by getting more than one estimate. Most contractors are hard working, honest people but there are some bad apples in every group. Also, not every contractor will have experience with every type of window available.

When getting estimates:

  • Be sure any contractor you talk to knows you are getting more than one estimate.
  • Get all estimates in writing.
  • Make sure that the brand, type, and quality of the material to be used is spelled out in the estimate.
  • Check references on all contractors that you get an estimate from.
  • steer clear of any "deal" that has to accepted while the contractor is there. This is a common "pressure tactic" by unscrupulous contractors.
  • Always be wary of an estimate that seems to good to be true! If it seems too good - you are likely to end up paying more than you expect.

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