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Window Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent Window Questions

What is a "Clad" window?

A clad window is typically made of wood and then covered or "clad" with a different typ of material such as wood or aluminum which will protect the window from needing the maintenance typically involved with wood windows.

Is there a typical time when windows should be replaced if they are not broken?

If your home is between 20 and 30 years of age it may be time to give serious thought to replacing your windows. Not only will you find that new windows will dramatically improve your homes appearance but they will likely save you some money on both heating and cooling bills as they are far more efficient than older windows.

I need to hire a contractor, can you give me any advice?

We have some basic rules you need to consider as you hire a contractor. Always get 2-3 estimates so that you have a range of prices. Be sure to check that each contractor is licensed and how well insured they are. It's a good idea to check on each of your contractors with the Better Business Bureau to make certain that they do not have any complaints against them. If this sounds like a lot of work to you, well it is. But it's really what you need to do to protect yourself from hiring the wrong person.

To simplify the process you can let us connect you with local contractors. Window Helper contractors have been pre-checked to make sure you only talk to quality professionals. Best of all, it's a free service!

I live next to a golf course and I worry about the windows on the back side of the house. I am as worried about having a golf ball come through the window and hit me as I am replacing an expensive window. Do you have any idea for me?

Yes, you can buy and have installed impact-resistent windows that have special laminated glass layers and are used in combination with a very strong frame. If the window is struck by a golf ball you will find that it either doesn't break or the glass shatters but remains held in the frame. Problem solved.

How much can I save on my energy bills by installing newer energy-efficient windows?

The basic theory is that you can save as much as 10-15% of your heating and cooling costs. If you are in a mild climate that may not amount to much but for many that can be some significant savings over just a few years.

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