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Finding a contractor through Window Helper for your next project is an easy, low-hassle proposition:

  1. Just tell us about your project by filling out the short window quote form. (takes a minute or less)

  2. We will contact you within 24 hours (Monday - Friday) to let you know that your project was received and to confirm the project details.

  3. We will set estimate appointments with 3 local contractors for you at times that fit your schedule.  (These contractors will have been pre-checked for license, insurance, and references.)

  4. You receive 3 competeing estimates for your project!

  5. Choose the contractor that you are most comfortable with and/or best fits the needs of your project.

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“We had recently moved to this area and didn't have the ‘built in network’ of friends and family to suggest a good contractor. Knowing you pre-screen the contractors you work with took a lot of pressure off the entire hiring process. ”


— M.R. WA

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