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When is it Time to Replace Your Windows?

Below is a list of considerations when you are deciding the right time to to replace your windows:

Your windows are hard to open or won't open at all

Window Pulley
  • Are you having trouble opening and closing your old wood-frame windows? If so, you may have a problem when you try to escape through your window during a fire you wouldn't be happy to find it hard to open! In short, windows that won't open easily are a safety hazard.
  • Check for broken parts that may just need to be replaced or tracks that need lubricated. Some old windows open using a sort of pulley, but these quit working over time.
  • If your windows are painted shut (as is often the case with older windows) you could use a putty knife or crow bar to try to get them unstuck. Usually, though, if they're painted shut they're in poor shape anyway and it would be better to just replace them.
  • Sometimes the window and frame can warp as the house sets. You'll have to take out the old window to fix the frame, and you might as well put in new windows.
Window with water stain

Your windows are just plain ugly

  • You also may want to replace windows if they significantly decrease the appearance of your entire house, have water stains, chips, or are rotten.
  • Sometimes windows will be significantly more outdated than the rest of your house exterior, prompting you to update. For example, older houses usually have double-hung windows, while newer window options include gliding or casement windows. Windows say a lot about the style of your house.

You're putting on new exterior siding

  • Are you having the siding on your house replaced? It's the perfect time to replace your windows and dramatically change the outside appearance of your entire home. Not only will the outside of your house look better, but the siding and the windows can make a better fit and prevent unhealthy gaps.

You want a consistent appearance

  • If you need to replace one or two bad windows, consider replacing all the windows on that side of the house to maintain a consistent appearance.

You're experiencing cool/warm air leakage

  • Does daylight show around the edges and through cracks? Upgrading your windows can have a significant impact on your energy costs. Replacing single pane windows with double or triple panes or having windows put in with a special coating on the glass to reduce the penetration of UV (ultraviolet) rays are a couple of ways to up your energy savings. Look for low-E glass.

You're sick of high maintenance

  • If you have wooden window frames and are tired of having to scrape and paint them every once in awhile, putting in vinyl-clad windows will eliminate that process for good. No more inconvenience.

You want to improve indoor appearance

  • Adding windows to a room will have a major impact on its appearance by increasing the natural lighting and creating a sense of openness. You could replace two side-by-side, or combination, windows with one large window. It could make a big difference, both inside and outside.
  • Rotten window frame

Your windows are about to disintegrate

  • It seems almost common sense to say that if your windows leak, are so rotten they may just fall apart, or have other serious and obvious problems that can't be fixed, it's time to replace them! If you notice moisture stuck between the panes of glass, there is a broken seal and you'll probably need to replace the window.

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