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Home Window Trends

In recent years windows have become a big player in the home improvement world. Advances in materials, a reduction in costs and increased efficiency has made them a very attractive home improvement project.

Recent Trends in Windows:

Placing windows in your roof or high on a wall is a great way to increase the amount of natural light coming into the home. An increase in natural light can make your home feel bigger and more cheerful.

Placing a window or two in the right rooms inside your home can make a big change in the feel of your house and the way that lighting is shared. You can take a room that feels "cave-like" and oppresive and make it inviting.

To make your home more visually appealing have more than one size and / or style of window. As humans we crave variety and this is no less true when looking at the outside or inside of a home.

You can purchase windows that have an additional coating on them to reduce heat and ultraviolet rays which can impact your energy bills and keep your furniture colors from being faded. It is estimated that new effiecient windows may save you as much as 15% on your heating bills.

Window sizes in new homes (and in remodeled homes) are getting bigger. Increased efficiency is allowing designers and home owners to take advantage of larger windows.

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