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Home Window Types

Windows come in a variety of styles each of which has it's specific name. Make sure as you look at windows and window prices that you are familiar with the primary options.

Primary window types or styles:

Casement Type Window
Casement Window Type
Casement windows swing open at the side and typically the entire window opens offering a large ventilation area. Casement windows use a crank to open or close rather than pushing or pulling on the window as with most other types.
Double Hung Type Window
Double Hung Window Type
Double-hung windows have traditionally been the most used type of window. You open the window by lifting the bottom towards the top and/or the top towards the bottom. (In single-hung window versions only one window (top or bottom) moves while the other is fixed.)
Sliding Type Window
Sliding Window Type
Sliding windows are much like a sliding glass door. You open a pane by moving it towards the opposite side of the window.

Hopper Window Type
Hopper windows are often used in basements. They offer a hinge at the bottom of the window and open inside.
Awning Type Windows
Awning Window Type
Awning windows are the opposite of Hoppers. They swing open to the outside from the hinge located at the top. Commonly used above doors.
Fixed Type Window
Fixed Window Type
Fixed windows are exactly as they sound, fixed. There is no hinge on the window and it does not open.
Bay Type Window
Bay Window Type
Bow and Bay windows create a wonderful three-dimensional feel to your home on the outside while opening your home to more light on the inside. They are available in a variety of the above styles of opening.

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